Professional Retouching of Portraits with Photoshop

This course explains how portrait photographs are retouched and edited just as professionals in the sector do.

The first thing we look at in a photograph is the people who want it, that is why it is so important to learn how to edit and retouch the people or models that appear in the photographs, this will make the quality of your photograph go up a notch.

I will explain to you, through video tutorials, how is the professional retouching process of a portrait photograph so that your photographs look professional and incredible.

We will focus on:

- The eye edit.

- The retouching of the skin.

- Give volume and intensity to the hair.

- Improve the lips, in addition to giving a gloss effect to the lips of female models.

Who is the course for?

To photographers, professionals or amateurs, who are starting in photographic retouching and editing, also those who want to enter the world of professional retouching.

Can I take the course if I am not a photographer?

Of course, if you want to improve family and friend photos, this is also your course. Surprise everyone with your new skills!

Course explained in Spanish.
Course explained in English coming soon.


Module 1 Editing and retouching the eyes
Unit 1 Amazing eyes
Unit 2 Texture and detail. Part I
Unit 3 Texture and detail. Part II
Unit 4 Removal of veins and red areas of the eyes
Module 2 Skin editing and retouching
Unit 1 Remove small skin spots
Unit 2 Advanced skin editing and retouching
Unit 3 Apply highlights and shadows
Unit 4 Create depth
Module 3 Hair editing and retouching
Unit 1 Intensity and volume
Unit 2 Change hair color
Module 4 Edit and retouch the lips
Unit 1 Change the color to the lips
Unit 2 Gloss effect
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